Are you a student in USA who go through lots of companies websites to search for jobs?

Are you a student who always wants to search jobs based on your major and location without browsing through all the BS?

Are you a student who just graduated from high school/undergraduate and started Bachelors/Masters and confused about applying for jobs and the whole interview process ?

Then hell yeah, you belong here! We started Jobsplane USA, a subsidiary of, to help students find relevant jobs and internships all at once place so that you need not go to the hundreds of portals every day to see who is recruiting.

Not only we will help you find jobs, but we also plan to crowdsource the reviews from the current interns and new graduate employees which will help you better prepare for any job interview.

After a success in India with visits a month), we are here in USA to help the job aspirants.

Hope you find it useful :)

Venkatesh Thallam,
Grad Student at NYU!
Founder, and!
You can reach me at


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